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Cormontan Compositions

Music Composed by Theodora Cormontan (1840-1922)

The list below notes the compositions by Theodora Cormontan uncovered by Michael and Bonnie Jorgensen in 2011.  In May of 2015 virtually all of the scores were donated to the National Library of Norway.  The Library has scanned the scores and placed them online.  To view the scans, go to the Library website and search for "Theodora Cormontan." 

The list of compositions below is organized in alphabetical order by title.  Other information includes:

C#:  The Cormontan number.  She wrote a three digit number on about three-fourths of the music she composed.  This is probably some kind of cataloging number.  Theodora likely used a similar system for the music rental service she owned and operated in Arendal, Norway in the 1870's-1880's. A consistent correlation exists in compositions where Cormontan indicated both a C# and a date of composition.  This enables us to estimate the composition date of the approximately 75% of her compositions that include a C#.

Other information: year of composition (when known), additional information on the piece, opus number when available

Opus #: Many of the compositions to which Theodora assigned opus numbers are compositions that were published, though there are numerous exceptions.  It appears that opus numbers through the 40's were published in Europe and opus numbers in the 50's and beyond were published in the United States.

Instrument: The instrument or instruments for which the piece was composed.  Most are for piano solo.  There are also some piano/vocal pieces and a few compositions for organ.

The last two columns in the table indicate whether the piece is a published score or in manuscript and unpublished.  When published, the publisher is noted in the last column on the right.

Titles in Yellow: Michael and Bonnie have kept most of these manuscripts.  Two of the pieces were donated to the KUBEN museum in Cormontan's hometown of Arendal, Norway.


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