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Cormontan Geneology

Hans Nicolai Cormontan (b. 1755 in Oddernes, Vest Agder, Norway, d. June 11, 1827): Theodora's paternal grandfather


Hans Cormontan's father (Theodora's great-grandfather): Paul Kristian Hansen Cormontan  b. 1725, d. January 20, 1769

Hans Cormontan's mother (Theodora's great-grandmother): Mette Christine Hertzberg Cormontan  b. 1724

Hans Nicolai Cormontan was parish priest of Undal, as well as a priest at St. Olav’s church of Avaldsnes (on the west coast of Norway) from 1807-1814. 


Nicoline Meldal Cormontan (b. 1774 in Oddernes, Vest Agder,-October 13, 1866): Theodora's paternal grandmother


Nicoline Cormontan's father: Theodorus Bergmann Meldal  b. June 23, 1735 in Romedal, Hedmark, Norway, d. August 8, 1786 in Oddernes, Vest Agder, Norway

Nicoline Cormontan's mother: Nicoline Paludan Meldal  b. August 14, 1749 in Oslo, Akershus, Norway, d. April 24, 1815 in Kristiansand, Vest Agder, Norway

Theodora Nicoline Meldal Cormontan's name honors her great-grandparents on her paternal grandmother's side.


Children of Hans Nicolai Cormontan and Nicoline Meldal Cormontan:

  • Mette Catharine Cormontan b. October 2, 1795 in Ovrelie, Oppland, Norway, d. December 26, 1880 in Arendal, Aust Agder, Norway.
  • Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan b. September 4, 1798 in Ovrebo  Vest Agder, Norway, d. February 14, 1893 in Franklin, MN

The 1875 Norwegian census records Mette living in the household with Even, Theodora, and Eivinda Cormontan. 


Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan (September 4, 1798-February 14, 1893): Theodora's father 


Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan was the parish priest of Arendal from 1847-1882. He was born in Øvrebø, Vest-Agder, Norway, the son of Hans Nicolai Cormontan and Nicoline Meldal Cormontan.  Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan died in Franklin, Renville County, Minnesota, USA, at age 94.


Louise Augusta Hirsch Cormontan (October 1, 1802-March 5, 1865): Theodora's mother


Louise's father: Patroclus von Hirsch b. 1758, d. 1828.                                                                        

Louise's mother: Bolette Christine Mueller Hirsch b. 1765, d. 1806

Patroclus von Hirsch was an engineer in the Norwegian military.  By the end of his career he rose to the rank of major in the infantry and major in the Norwegian engineer brigade.  He also taught at the Military Mathematical school in Christiania (now Oslo) from 1790-1817.  Louise was born in Kristiania, Norway and died in Bergen, Hordaland, Norway.


Even and Louise married on March 25, 1825.


Children of Even Meldal Schjelderup Cormontan and Louise Augusta Hirsch Cormontan:

  • Hans Nicolai Patroclus Cormontan b. March 8, 1826 in Vigmostad, Vest-Agder, Norway; d. April 17, 1913 in St. James, MN
  • Kirsten Bolette Nicoline Magna Cormontan b. October 14,1827 in Vigmostad, Vest-Agder, Norway; d. September 30,1828 in Vigmostad
  • Stillborn son, 1829
  • Magnus August Franke Cormontan b. July 6, 1831 in Standen, Rogaland, Norway; d. July 21,1892 in Fosston, MN
  • Einar Frithjof Cormontan b. September 27, 1833 in Standen, Rogaland, Norway; d. November 23, 1856 in Arendal, Aust-Agder, Norway
  • Gottfred Christian Vogelsang Cormontan b. February 1, 1836 in Beitstad, Nord Trøndelag, Norway; d. June 13, 1917 in St. James, MN
  • Eivinda Louise Cormontan b. April 26, 1838 in Beitstad, Nord Trøndelag, Norway; d. November 8, 1924 in Decorah, IA
  • Theodora Nicoline Meldal Cormontan b. June 9, 1840 in Beitstad, Nord Trøndelag, Norway; d. October 26, 1922 in Decorah, IA
  • Josephine Marie Cormontan b. July 19, 1844 in Beitstad, Nord Trøndelag, Norway; d. March 30, 1930 in Minneapolis, MN


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