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Printed Music by Theodora Cormontan—Available 

Bonnie has digitalized and arranged a number of Theodora Cormontan’s manuscript compositions that have never been published.   See the list below.  This music is all in public domain and can be made available to you via Dropbox.  Email us if you are interested.  The available list is below.


Music by Theodora Cormontan edited by Bonnie:


Allegro in G minor: opus 40 (piano)

By By for Liden: There There My Baby (voice/piano)

Dagny: polka caprice, opus 128 (piano)

Dulgt kjærlighed: Hidden love (voice/piano)

Eg veit ei lite´gente: I know a little maiden (voice/piano)

Evening sentiments,The (piano)

In a rush (piano)

I think of you: valse serenade (piano)

One day in the spring: gallop de salon (piano)

O, havde jeg fulgen sin vinge: O, had I the wings of a sparrow (voice/piano)

O, hjertens ve!: O, deepest woe! (voice/piano)

Shepherd’s playing (piano)

Ungbirken: Young birch (voice/piano--this is an unpublished version including a singable English translation)

Valse brillante, opus 33 (piano)

Valse a l’etude (piano)


Music in public domain (available via Dropbox)


(published in Norway)

4 sange: opus 2 (voice/piano)

3 religiøse sange: opus 5 (2 voice/piano)

4 sange: opus 1 (voice/piano)

Blandt fjeldene (piano)

Fred til bod for bitter savn: fantasie-transcription (piano)

Herre Jesu Christ: fantasie-transcription (piano)

Honnør-Marsch for norske Tunere: opus 44 (piano)

Kjælighed er livets kilde: fantasie-transcription (piano)

La Eleganza/L’Elegance: menuet opus 10 (piano)

Noske tuners national-festmarsch: opus 46 (piano)


(published in the USA)

Waltz Gracious: opus 53 (piano)

Polka fantasia over Swedish song: opus 54 (piano)

Jubilee Rhineländer, A: opus 58 (piano)

Danse de la duchesse: opus 59 (piano)


(hymns published in the USA--voice/piano)

Hvad önsker du mer?

Livet er kort

Mægtig og kjærlig


Til kirke

Ungbirken (published version in Norwegian)

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