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Music Composed by Theodora Cormontan (1840-1922)

The list below notes the compositions by Theodora Cormontan uncovered by Michael and Bonnie Jorgensen in 2011.  In May of 2015 virtually all of the scores were donated to the National Library of Norway.  The Library has scanned the scores and placed them online.  To view the scans, go to the Library website and search for "Theodora Cormontan." 

The list of compositions below is organized in alphabetical order by title.  Other information includes:

C#:  The Cormontan number.  She wrote a three digit number on about three-fourths of the music she composed.  This is probably some kind of cataloging number.  Theodora likely used a similar system for the music rental service she owned and operated in Arendal, Norway in the 1870's-1880's. A consistent correlation exists in compositions where Cormontan indicated both a C# and a date of composition.  This enables us to estimate the composition date of the approximately 75% of her compositions that include a C#.

Other information: year of composition (when known), additional information on the piece, opus number when available.

Opus #: Many of the compositions to which Theodora assigned opus numbers are compositions that were published, though there are numerous exceptions.  It appears that opus numbers through the 40's were published in Europe and opus numbers in the 50's and beyond were published in the United States.

Instrument: The composition is a piano solo unless otherwise noted.  It is in manuscript only unless noted as being published.

Underlined Titles: Michael and Bonnie have kept most of these manuscripts.  Two of the pieces were donated to the KUBEN museum in Cormontan's hometown of Arendal, Norway.

Adelia Polkette, C 837.

Aftendemrung, composed in 1897, in pencil, on the back of Naar Solen gaar ned.  Piano/Voice (melody only).

Aftensalme (text by Samuel Olsen Bruun).   Composed in 1894.  Piano/voice.

Among Norwegian Mountains, same piece as Among the Mountains. Op. 13, No. 2.

Among the Mountains, Op. 13, No. 2.

Andante for Organ, written for organ.

Bagatelle in D major, C 620. Op. 129.

Bølgen [The Wave].  Composed in 1876.  Piano/voice.

Brownie playing in the moonlight (also titled Nissen spiller i Maaneskin). C 434.

By, By for Liden [Hush, hush for the little one].  Composed in 1882.  Text by Alvilde Prydz.  Piano/voice.

By the Chimney, C 813.

By the Sea, C 808.

Chanson die Bergerette [Song of the Shepherdess], C 630.  Op. 125.

Chanson sans paroles [Song without words], C 899.  Op. 70.

Citizens March.

Dagny--Polka Caprice, C 873.  Op. 128.

Dance Idylle, Op. 116.

Dance of the Flower Girls (complete).

Dance of the Flower Girls (incomplete).

Dancing Girl, The [Morceau de Salon], C 436. Also titled "Musical Moments."

Dancing Girl, The [No. 1].  Composed in 1891 in St. Paul, MN.  C 445.

Danse de la Duchesse,  published in 1906.  The Jorgensens found three copies.  In addition to the one donated to the National Library, they donated one to the KUBEN museum in Arendal, Norway and kept one.

Danse Rustique Norvegienne, C 648.  Op. 76.

Dream of Life, C 800.  Op. 124.

Dreaming by the Hearth (Valse Impromptu), C 892.

Dulgt Kjaerlighed [Hidden Love], piano/voice.   Text by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson.

Eg veit ei lite gente [I know a little girl], composed June 26, 1882--folk song arrangement.  Piano/voice.

En Damrungslund [In Damrungs Grove], C 369.  Composed in 1889.  Piano/voice.

Evenings Sentiments, The.  C 443.

Fantasia Impromptu.

Fantasia over Serenade de L. Gregh, "Parais `a la fenêtre.”

Fantasia Transcription (over one favorite melody by Halfdan Kjerulf).

Fantasie Norvégienne , C 836.

Fest Marsch, C 424.

Fest-Praeludium (I Anledning Gustaf Adolph Festen), for organ or piano.

Fjeldjom Mountainsong (Sang uden Ord--Song without Words).

Fleur de Printemps, Op. 125.

Fleur Printamiere (Spring Flower), C 748.  Op. 83.

Floweret (Romance without Words in A major), C 809.  Op. 133.

Fraars-Longsel (incomplete).

From the Mountains of Norway (Fantasias over Norwegian Folk Melodies), No. 1 Old Folk Song.  C 649.

From the Mountains of Norway (Fantasias over Norwegian Folk Melodies), No. 3 Norwegians Folktunes [sic]. C 650.

From the North, C 777. Also titled "Morceau a la Polska."

From the Old Time. C 889.

From Two Characteristic Pieces, D minor (see Among the Mountains), To Mrs. Agathe Grondahl Backer.

From Two Musicpieces [sic] (new edition) in D minor (see Among Norwegian Mountains).  Dedicated to Mrs. Agathe Backer-Grondahl.

Gallop brillante de Concert, C 317.  Op. 20 (?).

Galop Caprice over Norwegian Folksong, C 819.

Galop Fantasia over Norwegian Folksong, C 403.

Golden Sunbeams, C 817.

Graceful Lady, The, C 816.

Happy Thoughts (Valse Caprice), C 883.

Her vil ties, Her vil bies [Here will be silent] (Fantasie-Transcription) [H. A. Brorson ], Op. 38.

Honor March [published by Cormontan from her own publishing company in Arendal in 1885]. Published in 1885.  Op. 44.

Hör, hvor de lokke, de klinge (Listen, how they lure, how they resound), vals-arie for tenor and soprano. Text by Sylvius (?).  Piano/voice.  C 509.

Humoreske (G minor), C 410.

I am glad, are You?  (Galop de Salon), C 849.

I Skumringen [In Twilight], Op. 134.  Piano/voice.

I Think of You (incomplete), C 824.  Composed in 1908.

Idag skal alting sjunge [Today everything will sing], piano/voice.

Idylle Norvegienne.


Impromptu a la Valse, C 673.

Impromptu (in G major), C 682.  Op. 115 (?).

In a Rush, C 744.  Composed in 1904.

In Maytime (Intermezzo), C 882.

In the Daylight (moment musicale), C 910.

In the Springtime (Piece characteristic).

In the Twilight (Nocturne) (To Mrs. P. M. Skartvedt; Remembrance of the Wedding-day).  Version of C 910, In the Daylight.

Iris (Waltz in G minor), C 804.

Joyful Day in the Summer, A, C 912.

Joys of Summertime (incomplete), C 833.

Jubilee Rhineländer, A, Op. 58.  Published in 1905 by Pioneer Publishing Co., Chicago.

King Eric and the Guardsmen (see Paraphrase over Swedish Romance), C 820.

Koerlighed et Livets Kilde [Love is the Source of Life], Op. 42.  Published in 1885 by the Theodora Cormontan Publishing Co.

L'Elegance, Op. 10.  Published in 1900 by Hatch Music Co., Philadelphia.  Also published in 1885 by Cormontan under the title La Eleganza, Menuet.

L'etoile du Soir (incomplete), C 908.

Little Song, A.

Lonely Day, A, C 901.

Longing for the Spring (Valse de Salon), C 784.

Longing from the Sea [Paraphrase over Swedish Romance], C 421.  Same piece as below (C 821).

Longing from the Sea [Paraphrase over Swedish Romance], C 821.

Lovely Tharith [at end of piece: “Elskelige tanker”—Loving thoughts] Originally titled “Lovely Eyes.”   C 884.

Lullaby, C 818.  Composed in 1907.

Lydia (Polkette), C 803.

March, C 417.  Originally titled "Turkish March."

Marshe religiosa, C 472.  Composed in Franklin, MN  in 1893 for the funeral of Theodora's father, Rev. Even M. S. Cormontan.  For piano or organ.

Menuet melodique, C 688.

Moment Musicale, C 907.

Moment Musicale in A flat major (Caprice), C 835.

Moonlight Polka, C 807.

Morceau à La Polska, C 777.  Also titled "From the North."

Morceau de Salon (in G major), C 913.  Op. 79.

Morceau Rustique (incomplete), C 691.

Mountain Dance (Halling), C 846.

Music Piece in Norwegian Folktune (Fantasia), C 623.

My Home (Moment Musical), C 625.

Naar mit Øie, trat af Moie (Fantasie transcription).  Tune by Ludvig Mathias Lindeman.  Op. 31, No. 1.  Composed in 1885.  Piano/voice.

Naar Solen gaar ned [When the Sun Goes Down]. Text by Samuel Olsen Bruun.  Composed in 1896. Piano/voice.  

Ninetta Polkette (incomplete), C 753.

Ninetta Polkette (complete), Op. 61.

Norske Tuneres National-Festmarsch (published by Cormontan in 1885).  Manuscript dated 1886.  Op. 46
Norwegian Dance Tune (originally titled "Norwegian Mountain Dance"), C 692
Norwegian Dancetune [sic] (Halling).  This score, similar to the other C 692, was donated to the KUBEN Museum in Arendal, Norway.

Norwegian Hymn, C 721.  Composed in 1901.

O, havde jeg Fuglen sin Vinge [Oh, if I had a bird’s wings] Text by Johan Selnes.  Piano/voice.

O, Hjertens Ve! [Oh, the way of the heart].  (Fantasi Transcription in F minor).  Hymn tune: O Traurigkeit.  Text: Johan von Rist (1637).

One day in the Spring (Galop de Salon), [originally titled "Spring is Always Joyful], incomplete.  C 915.

Paa Loleren (?) (Fjedljom).  Composed in 1883.

Peony Rose, The, C 870.

Piece Fantasia  (Morceau fantastique—Fantasistück), C 541.

Poéme Lyrique (Lyrical Poem—Tonstück), C 605.

Polish Caprice (incomplete).

Polish Lady, The (Piece a la Mazurka). C 736.  Originally titled "The Polish Countess." Composed in 1904. Op. 126.

Polka Fantasia over Swedish Song, Op. 54.  Published in 1895 by the Thompson Music Co., Chicago, IL.

Polka mélodique, C 657.

Praeludium til Salmen “O tank naar engang”   [O Happy Day When We Shall Stand].  Tune:  “Lobt Gott Ihr Christen” Nikolaus Hermann.  Text: Wilhelm A. Wexels.  Piano/voice.

Remembrance, C 879.

Sad Memory, C 811.  Op. 132, # 2.

Second Bagatelle (F minor), C 622.  Op. 130.

Second Impromptu (in G major), C 885.  Op. 136.

Second Mazurka (also titled "Mazurka 2 `iem”), C 655.

Second Waltz Caprice over Norwegian Folksong, C 414.

Shepherd's Playing, The (Idyl [sic]), C 611.

Shepherds Playing, The (Norwegian Musicpiece [sic]), C 823.

Solitude, C 827.  Composed in 1908.

Song without Words, C 828.  Composed in 1908.

Spanish Dance, C 654.

Spanish Dance (incomplete).  Also titled Spanishche Tänze and Danse Espagnole.  Noted as both C 613 and C 607.

Spainish Danse [sic] (Caprice), C442.  Op. 97.  Composed in 1891 in St. Paul, MN.

Spanish Gipsy [sic] Dancer (Piece characteristic), C 647.

Summer Day (one of two slightly revised works).

Summer Day (see above), C 868.

Summer's Greeting (Caprice).

Sweet Memory (Waltz), C 748.

Sweet Remembrance, C 699.

Tonepiece in norwegian Folktune [sic], C 845.

Twilight Thoughts (Redorva) (Salonpiece [sic]).

Under the Lindens (Intermezzo), Op. 16.

Ungbirken [Young Birch].  Text by Jørgen Moe.  Published in the United States in the "Frydetoner."  Piano/voice.

Untitled #1 [title worn away] (Tempo di Polacca).  Incomplete.

Untitled #2 [title worn away] (allegro).  Incomplete.

Untitled #3 [title worn away] (menuet), (Andante e tranquillo).

Untitled #4 [title worn away], Op. 40.  Composed in 1880.

Untitled #5 (incomplete).

Untitled #6 (incomplete).  German text.  Piano/voice.

Valse a l'Etude, C 450.  Op. 25.

Valse brillante (F major), C 801.  Also titled "Lucy."

Valse brillante, C 271.  Op. 33.  Composed in 1884.

Valse brillante, (A major), C 316.  Op. 57.

Valse brillante (E major), C 685.  Op. 140.

Valse de Ballet, C 616.  Op. 75.

Valse de Salon (incomplete), C 423.

Valse G major, C 815.

Ved Rokken.  Text by Joh. Holm Hansen.  #3 of Comontan's "Tre Sange," Op. 4, published by Warmuth.  Composed in 1876.  Piano/voice.

Vi tro og troste paa en Gud [We believe in and are comforted by God].  Text author unknown.  Piano/voice.

Vinterbillede [Winter Scene] (incomplete), C 370.  Text author unknown.  Composed in 1889.  Piano/voice.

Waltz capricious (incomplete).

Waltz elegant, C 409.  Op. 36.

Waltz Fantasia over a Swedish Song, C 402.

Waltz Gracious, Op. 53.  Published in 1895 by Johnson and Lundquist in Minneapolis, MN.  Two copies discovered.  One donated to the National Library of Norway.

Waltz Impromptu, C 346.  Composed in 1888.  A draft copy in pencil.

Wedding March, C 722.

Winter Rose, The.  C 869.

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