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Friedrich Thoschlag

The following is an electronic translation of the original Norwegian from the following source: Kari Michelsen: Musikkhandel i Norge (Music Publishers in Norway), Chapter 10, pp 214-215.  University of Oslo:  2010.  In this book Michelsen writes that Theodora probably studied with Thoschlag while growing up in Arendal.


Friedrich Wilhelm Thoschlag


was born in Elmshorn Holstein in 1812 and died in Arendal  on November  3, 1885.  In 1834 he was appointed City Musician in Arendal, and Organist in 1863. In addition to leading the city's musical company in many concerts (generating additional income for himself!) he composed several smaller pieces and gave private lessons on various instruments. Around 1848 he opened a music lending library [perhaps inspiring Theodora to do the same]. After Thoschlag's death the library, now holding over 8000 items, was advertised for sale in 1886. Thoschlag’s library is held in the National Library in Oslo.
Thoschlag married Birgitte Hack Berg and had four children. The 1865 census noted he owned a large farm in Arendal. Residents there included the organist, who was then a widower, one son (William later became a doctor in Arendal) and three daughters in addition to two maids. His daughter Felicita (1841-1921) was a music teacher in Arendal for many years.  [Theodora knew and was likely a good friend of Felicita's.  They performed together on several recitals in Arendal].
When Thoschlag celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of his ministry in 1884, the Nordic Music-Journal in Christiania wrote: "For many years he has likely been the outstanding supporter of musical life in his native city [Arendal]. "

[In the summer of 1857 Thoschlag arranged for a concert in Arendal featuring an old acquaintance, the Norwegian pianist and composer Thomas D. A. Tellefsen.  Tellefsen studied with Chopin and had acquired a number of his friend's students when Chopin died.  Considering that Theodora Cormontan traveled to Paris to study music not long after the summer of 1857, it seems quite plausible that both Felicita and she auditioned for Tellefsen during this visit and subsequently traveled together to Paris to study with him, as did a number of other Norwegians during this period.] 


This photograph was downloaded from, and is from the Aust-Agder museum and archive (KUBEN).  It is an 1852 daguerreotype taken byKarl Ragnar Gjertsen of the Thoschlag family: Friedrich Wilhelm, his wife Birgitte Rosina Hachenberg, and their three daughters (from left to right) Felicita (b. 1842), Birgitte Wilhelmine Camilla (b. 1846), and Betty Cecilie Jenny (b. 1849).




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