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The following is a list of compositions Theodora Cormontan published in Norway, compiled by Norwegian musicologist Kari Michelsen.  Cormontan's music was published by Warmuth from 1875-1879.  Beginning in 1880, she published her music herself.  The first list is in the original Norwegian, followed by an English translation.  The lists are ordered by year of publication.

Komposisjoner: Kari Michelsen: Musikkhandel i Norge Kapittel 10, 218-219

4 Sange op. 2 /Hvad jeg elsker (H C Andersen [poet]), Warmuth 1875

Blandt Fjeldene op. 3 (p2 [piano, 2 hands]), Warmuth 1875

3 Religiøse Sange op. 5 /Dyb Sne (2s-p [2 singers-piano]), Warmuth 1877

3 Sange op. 4 /Aftendæmring (H C Andersen), Warmuth 1877

4 Sange op. 6 /Holder du af mig (Bjørnson), Warmuth 1879

4 Sange op. 1 /Det døende Barn (H C Andersen), Cormontan c 1880

Hvad ønsker du mer op. 8.1(F W Krummacher) (2s-p), Cormontan c 1880

Fred til Bod for bittert Savn, Fantasie-Transcription (p2), Cormontan 1883

Herre Jesu Christ, Fantasie-Transcription op. 36 (p2), Cormontan 1885

Honnør-Marsch for norske Turnere op. 44 (p2), Cormontan 1885

Kjærlighed er Livets Kilde, Fantasie-Transcription op. 42 (p2), Cormontan 1885

La Eleganza, Menuet op. 10 (p2), Cormontan 1885

Norsk Konge-Polonaise op. 43 (p2), Cormontan 1885

Norske Turneres National-Festmarsch op. 46 (p2), Cormontan 1885

Til Kirke op. 8.2 (s-p), Cormontan 1885



Compositions: Kari Michelsen, Music Publishers in Norway, Chapter 10, 218-219
4 Songs op. 2 / What I love (H C Andersen), Warmuth 1875
Among Mountains op. 3 (p2), Warmuth 1875
3 Religious Songs op. 5 / Deep Snow (2s-p), Warmuth 1877
3 Songs Op. 4 / Twilight (H C Andersen), Warmuth 1877
4 Songs op. 6 / If you like me (Bjornson), Warmuth 1879
4 Songs op. 1 / The Dying Children (HC Andersen), Cormontan c 1880
What would you like more?. 8.1 (F W Krummacher) (2s-p), Cormontan c 1880
Peace of penance for bitter Longing, Fantasie-Transcription (p2), Cormontan 1883
Lord Jesus Christ, Fantasie-Transcription op. 36 (p2), Cormontan 1885
Honor March for Norwegian Turners (Gymnasts) op. 44 (p2), Cormontan 1885
Love is the Source of Life, Fantasie-Transcription op. 42 (p2), Cormontan 1885
Elegance, Menuet op. 10 (p2), Cormontan 1885
Norwegian King-Polonaise op. 43 (p2), Cormontan 1885
Norwegian Turners (Gymnasts) National Festival March op. 46 (p2), Cormontan 1885

The Church Op. 8.2 (s-p), Cormontan 1885



The following piano pieces by Theodora Cormontan were published in the United States: 

Waltz Gracious, Op 53, Johnson and Lundquist, Minneapolis, (n.d.)

Polka Fantasia over Swedish Song, Op 54, Thompson Music Co. Chicago, 1895

L’Elegance [also published in Norway in 1885 as La Eleganza, Menuet] Op 10, Hatch Music Co., Philadelphia, 1900

A Jubilee Rhineländer, Op 58, Pioneer Publishing Co., Chicago, 1905

Danse de la Duchesse, Op 59, publisher unknown, 1906 



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